Salud y Gracias!


Salud y gracias! (Cheers and thank you!) 

It has been an amazing experience to participate in‘s A Star is Born competition for Best Performance of the Year…mostly because of you, the fans. Your passion and unwavering support kept me motivated throughout the show’s run and it is because of you that I have won the title of Best Performance of the Year!

From a pool of seven hundred artists, eleven were nominated by the show’s producer, Kendall F. Person to participate in this unique online show where every week the possibility of being eliminated was real. Only our imaginations in performance could save us from being thrown off the stage by the Clown. 

Every Sunday you tuned in and let your voice be heard through the voting polls, setting record highs in The Neighborhood‘s three year history. And every Monday a fellow artist was eliminated, having failed to deliver a performance worthy of moving them on to the next round. 

As every week brought on new tasks and challenges, I was able to present a performance ranking me in the top three. A grand portion of the show’s mechanics took place on Facebook as well as promoting and rallying fans via Instagram and Twitter (social media that I had fallen out of touch with five years ago). 

My saving grace was my sister, Chio Smith, fan of my poetry and socialite turned public relations powerhouse, turned rising star ally! With the help of my sisters, Sandra and Erma, Chio was bent of setting Facebook aflame with news of my nomination. I could list the army of recruits she managed to enlist in this PR endeavor, but that list is simply too long. You know who you are and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

It is not the title and honor of being called winner of Best Performance of the Year that I cherish the most, but rather the journey. For in that journey I made new friends like Rebecca Lemke and Ned Hickson as well as reconnected with family and friends separated by time and circumstance. 

My most heartfelt thanks to everyone behind the scenes of A Star is Born who made this journey possible: Producer, Judges, Inner Council, Artist Council, Artist Liaisons, Graphic/Animation Artists, Recording Artists…take a bow, this win is our win in giving the audience an entertaining show. 


RAW 2015 Season-ending Show

The wait is over and the end of the season is here. Enjoy the final performances of the Year

A Star is Born’s winner of Best Performance of the Year will be revealed in‘s RAW 2015 Season-ending Show, tonight at 7pm.

Please join us in The Neighborhood for the conclusion of Jack&Belinda, winner of Song of the Year and Best Performance of the Year.

I’d like to thank all my family, friends, fans and #astarisbornaddicts for your continued and unwavering support throughout this entire competition. Your love and faith gave me the strength and hope to continue round after round; for this, I cannot thank you enough.

See you at the show!

Au Naturel


Adventure to a place
of natural beauty.
Subtract all preconceived
notions that it’s dirty.

Just allow yourself to
follow me and you’ll find
a place that’s been hidden
in the core of your mind.

Slowly undress all of
your insecurities
and you’ll discover all
of life’s fair mysteries.

Disrobe your fears and take
a moment to enjoy
the sun, wind, rain and sea
like a seasoned envoy.

Uncover the pleasures
that a naturist knows.
Reveal your true self to
all your friends and your foes.

Born nude into this world
sans troubles and care-free.
Unclad the cumbersome
and start to live clothes-free.

Strip your mind of other’s
judgement or vile remarks.
Aboard au naturel,
let your bare life embark!

Hidden & Forgotten


I once brought joy to a boy
Who never tired of using me,
He often guffawed
While we played endlessly.

And as we grew older
I’d adjust to his liking
Never knowing one day
He’d abandon all biking.

Said he wouldn’t be long,
Just a quick dip he’d take,
Down the stairs and around
To the nearby lake.

So as always I waited
For my master to return,
But years now have passed
And it’s his touch I yearn.

Now chained to this fence,
Unloved, rusty and rotten,
I live out my days
Hidden and forgotten.

A Star is Born LIVE

The link below will take you to the final round of A Star is Born, Round IX: Impromptu.

Source: A Star is Born LIVE

Enjoy the show and cast your vote. The LIVE interview is available via DVR within the same post and voting polls remain open till 10am Monday, Dec. 28, 2015. Results of the winner for Best Performance of the Year will be revealed on Wednesday Dec. 30

Thank you all for your unwavering support throughout this entire competition!

Round IX: Impromtu

Please join us for the final round of your favorite online show, A Star is Born, Round IX: Impromptu LIVE this Sunday, December 27th, 2015 at 7pm PST. Only in The Neighborhood at

The final two nominees for Best Performance of the Year, Rebecca Lemke and Oscar Alejandro Plascencia will be answering questions LIVE via Google Hangouts. Each will have an ally at their side as their final saving grace. Three questions each, On the Air and a final fourth to be submitted as their nineth round presentation. As soon as their responses to the final question are posted, the voting poll will go live for your last chance to vote in this groundbreaking event not to be missed!

The results of all five scorecards will be varified and validated as they come in, but the victor of this final round will not be announced until Wednesday, Dec. 30 in The Nrighborhood’s Season Ending Show presenting the winner of “Best Performance of the Year”


Hope to see you all LIVE at the show!

Our First Christmas


Please know that I have
no pretenses,
I have put aside
all defenses;
exposed my collar
in surrender,
and here I pen the
thoughts of my soul.

This our first Christmas,
I will cherish
and pray, in your mind,
does not perish
or turn sparse through the
eyes of your heart;
trust, our love, I will
ardently hone.

Please know that I’ve no
mal intentions,
until you…I was
in suspension
of belief and hopes
for a true love;
in your arms, full is
my heart and soul.

This our first Christmas,
I hold dearly
and hope, that my soul,
I have clearly
divulged sans
in each other,
our hearts have a home!


Without hesitation you pounce

And I’m smitten, but need to pronounce,

I‘m not the man you think I am

To fall for your carnal flimflam.”

Whisper your need to be with me

And grope your way atop of me

I push you back and laugh it off

To save us shame, but still you scoff,

Why the hell do you lead me on?”

And I reply with the lexicon

Imposed on me by many like you

Too immature to see things through.

What is the rush to get undressed

And scurry past what’s in my chest?

In haste you’ll miss the tender part,

True love resides within the heart.”

Forgive My Weakness

Forgive my weakness
I let you go
I saw you struggling
And did not know
How much you needed
The time and space
To get used to
My warm embrace

Forgive my weakness
I can’t let go
My heart is struggling
And needs to know
If you ever needed
My time and space
If you got used to
Love’s warm embrace

Forgive my weakness
I need to go
Now I am struggling
Don’t want to know
How much he needed
Your time and space
How you grew used to
His warm embrace

Sibling Victory


Greetings and welcome! In case you were unable to join us for A Star is Born Round VIII: Imitation of Life, below are the performances that garnered the rank of #1 and moved me forward onto the final round and grand finale of the show. 

My sister, Chio Smith was asked to join the stage and share who she was in relation to myself, the nominee for Best Performance of the Year. She, as did I, chose to submit an autobiographical essay for her performance in The Undercard at

Thank you all for your unwavering support and playing a grand part in securing this Sibling Victory!. 

 Who I Am in Relation to my Brother
by Chio Smith

In my search for love and happiness I have come up short many times. Often giving more than what I got in return. The trust I placed on men was boundless until I married a man who would hold me prisoner within my own mind and heart. I became the stereotypical woman in an abusive relationship. I learned to hide the abuse from family and friends and even myself.

I found the mask I wore sufficient to disguise the emotional and psychological abuse. But once the physical abuse began, I realized the love he professed was all part of his need to control. Still somehow, with two young children, I rationalized that we needed to stay together as a family.

Growing up in a nuclear family of eight had its amazing lessons in love. Though being the fifth born out of six siblings came with it’s challenges in feeling secure. A true bond and kinship was born between my brother, Oscar and I at a very early age and continued through our grade school years. Despite the eccentric and androgynous fashions of the mid-eighties, we were still seen as the twin black sheep of the family. An unspoken oath and alliance was forged to ensure against internal or external prejudices.

Throughout my many mistakes in life and love, I knew that Oscar was someone I could turn to in confidence, someone who would not judge, a man I could trust. And time and time again, he proved to be the rock of support that I came to depend on. When a violent bout of physical abuse jeopardized my children’s safety, I phoned him before dialing 911. He took me and my children into his home with open arms.

The indefinite stay under his roof was short lived as I chose to return and try to work things out with my husband, for the sake of love. Oscar’s persuasive words of reason were no match for the shackles on my mind and heart. Perhaps it was in desperation, but I could hear the anger in his tone as he switched into tough-love mode to state, “If you leave now, know that it’s the last time you walk through that threshold.” It took all the courage I had to not wipe away my tears and hold fast to my children’s hands as I led them out the door.

I couldn’t explain it then, and I’m finding it difficult to adequately express now, but I needed to test my own strengths. I wanted to be my own rock. Instead I walked right back into a life on pause eagerly awaiting to start right where it had turbulently left off.

Despite his admonition, my children and I were welcomed back into his home again. I filed for a divorce and with the love and support of my brother, I gradually learned to be the strong, independent woman I am today valuing above all self-love, honor and respect.


My Family, Friends, Co-Workers & Poetry Fans via eCard Greetings

Voicing a Wordsmith
by Oscar Alejandro Plascencia

Words fail me; they’re too limited in their ability to convey. I watch the world unfold around me in silence. Futile attempts at expressing myself result in stammering utterance. I stutter, they mock. I play the Mute. My childhood is spent walking around in silent wonder. A sense of resentment permeates my heart as I covet the ease and fluidity with which all those around me impart their feelings. I condition myself to believe that meekness is my weakness and fearfully accept it as my lot. I am compliant and tractable.

English as a second language is a breeze for my siblings to master, but I struggle in grade school and fail to comprehend why Spanish is not allowed. I naturally gravitate and bond with the girls in my class. Boys are crass and call me “queer”, yes I’m always the last one picked by default in any team activities. I bury my face in a book to express disinterest. The written words sway, swirl and march about the page like an army of ants, rearranging themselves, taunting and teasing: Run spot run. Read Oscar read!

I find solace in the arts and learn to express myself through dance, theatre, drawing and writing. But none of these completely eradicate my innate sense of not belonging. I push myself to excel creatively, but then demurely brush off all compliments. My speech is much improved, thanks to theatre, but often described as old-world, too serious and dramatic. I want to live and I want to love, but I’m afraid that I’ll be made fun of. I hurt, I bleed, I cry just like everyone else, why is it all lost in translation?

The distance from Heart to Head is long and feelings frequently loose their way. Those that survive the voyage arrive haggard and misconstrued only to be sputtered in my inadequacy. I chose the Pen as mediator and discovered a platform for Heart, Mind and Soul to speak as one. A lyrical form dominates my writing and a passion for poetry is born. Silverlake cafes and bookstores’ open mic awaken my mind to alternative means of expression. Love burrows itself into my heart and spawns twins named Hope and Faith. I court the trio for the next twenty years.

Fickle at best, Love, Hope and Faith have been in and out of my life shaping every stanza from day one. I have lived, I have loved, but no one can make fun of the pain, and tears I pen in translation for my stuttering heart. Once an observer of life watching it unfold with or without me, now a dedicated wordsmith interceding to preserve and honor Love in it’s myriad forms. It’s not a question of who I am, for I am a great many things, but rather a question of who I have become.

A meek and queer boy humiliated into insecurity finds his voice and pride in poetry. Words fail me; they’re too limited in their ability to convey.

A world of gratitude to all of you who took the time to submit a video clip for this project. Especially two of our WordPress family members, Scottie Miller and Vonita Buirski. My apologies to all of you, including my sister Sandra, that did not appear in the final version as my limit was two minutes total. Please know that I greatly value your continued support.