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Blind Faith

It is sheer blind faith,

To Love’s possibilities

A heart surrenders.

To Avoid The Pain

I’m in love again.
Can you blame me?
Will you look at him.
Now don’t tell me,

“he’s a nowhere man,
all he does is take,
bruising all he can…”
Oh for heaven’s sake.

I know it’s raining out
and these are grieving times,
but I just want to shout
“look this is my life!”

Oh he’s a nice boy,
sure he’s a little young.
Not planning to toy,
my feelings are strong.

Why can’t you understand
that I’m in love again.
And I’ll make sure this time
to avoid the pain.

Oh no…not again.
I am falling in.
Here comes the end.
Oh no… not again.

It is raining out,
it is getting cold.
Please don’t shout,
I know I was told.

Thought I was strong.
Oh, but now I know
even the young can run
to avoid the pain.

Written Words Framed

“…mi corazon es tuyo, cuidalo…”

Words written

when I was smitten

by your charm and by your wit

deep in my heart and in the pit

of my soul.

“…mi corazon es tuyo, cuidalo…”


I loved in vain;

now I write in pain,

a hostage again

to self pity.

Tore down what we built

and I write it with guilt,

but you know,

I am not alone

to blame.

Was it all in my head,

a martyr to hope

destined to hang

death by rope?

No, I am not alone

to blame.

You were standing

before me,

still I overlooked

what I sought,

now I’m much too weak,

who will nurse

my broken heart?

“jamas te dejare, aunque tu me dejes primero”

One of many vows recorded

for thoughts unsorted

by a distorted,

hypnotized heart

that ruled over my mind

when we were willing to bind

our souls.

…Y ahora me dejas en la calle como un perro…


you played the game,

obviously in vain.

Tore down what we built,

do you feel any guilt?

Surely you know,

I am not alone

to blame.

A fist full of rope;

executioner of hope.

You know I was always

trudging behind you.

But never out of sight,

though that’s where you left me…

a hostage

to my broken heart.

Am I Not Worthy?

Of your ever loving touch,

of your ever soothing words,

I know I’m asking much,

but am I not worthy?

Perchance I’m avaricious,

perchance even demanding…

I know you’re generous,

but am I not worthy?

Your silence scares me so,

your distance astounds me.

When will you let me know…

Am I not worthy?

And my innate certainty,

falters beyond retrieval

until you answer me…

Am I not worthy?

Siamese Twins

Joined at the pleasure points,

like the head and the heart.

A capricious act of nature,

but now at least we’ll never part.

Wish we were Siamese twins.

I wish that we could fuse;

Oh, to have you inside of me

and all of me inside of you.

Tell me, do you feel it

surging from me to you,

this melding electricity

making you and I, one from two.

Two petals on a rose;

separate, but still one.

When one another we both chose,

the heavens, life’s pleasures, barred none.

Wish we were Siamese twins,

greedy as it might sound,

my heart is filled with certainty

that with you True Love it has found!

Love Life In Haiku

I’m guarding my heart
In this Masquerade of Fools
Am I the Jester?

Just then our eyes meet
Smiles mirror each other
We freeze in mid-step

A Tango ensues
Eyes locked, pleasantries exchanged
Dance for dominance

She taps your shoulder
Breaking our trance, you lean in
Your smile now a grin

“It was nice meeting”
You whisper into my ear
“Thank you for the dance”

Torn out of my chest
My heart drips blood down your arm
Somehow still beating

I’m guarding my heart
Well, the empty space at least
Just like a Jester

The Plea

me from this
hell; my desolate cell.
You know that I’m waiting.
Teach me the pleasures of your
kiss and tell. I’m yours for the taking.
Take me to the place without a raven calling
out my name. Show me to the place that you
call Heaven; take away this pain. You
say you’ve been there. You say
it’s beauty. Say I should see
it. Why won’t you
take me?

Whimsical Whim

Though consciously
I know you’ve gone,
I concede a
whimsical whim.
The scent of you,
it lingers on…
and I profess this
love-starved hymn:

“I long to feel
your loving arms
around my frame
and feel your hands
explore my whole.
I long to feel
your tender lips
caress the same
and tremble deep
within my soul.”

But your heart’s mute
and cupid’s blind…
where once you lain;
an empty half…
I turn to you
and come to find,
pierced through my bed
an arrow’s staff.

Though consciously
I know you’ve gone,
somehow in me
Hope still survives.
The scent of you
it lingers on…
divulge my heart
through cupid’s eye.

The Much Unlikely

I’m clipping
your hair
and into your eyes
I stare…

I’m blocking
the motions
and masking my

And into your wondrous
eyes I stare…

How quickly I forget
how quickly I could fall
for the charm of a coy,
inquisitive boy.

Then before
I fully comprehend
the power
of my frailty
your voice breaks
my train of thought
and I wake
somewhat blushing.

And into your wondrous
eyes I stare…

How quickly I forget
how quickly I could fall
for the charm of a coy,
inquisitive boy.

If only I
were bolder
and you a few
years older
we would not suffer
this hunger,
this longing.

How, tell me,
can we trick
each other to believe
in the likelihood
of the much unlikely?

The Labor Of Love

An angels smiles down on me,
spreads his feathered wings,
takes flight.

Descends and envelopes me,
lifts me to the skies
of night.

We’re soaring through the clouds,
escalating, gliding, spiraling,
at light speed…

I deliver my soul magnanimously
I surrender in his arms,
I surrender to his deed.

Enthralled by his stare,
hypnotized by his golden,
wind blown hair.

In the safety of his hold,
not the slightest zephyr of cold
can I feel, while in his arms we mesh,
pressed against each other’s threadbare flesh.

Now in mid air he startles me.
Explores my whole all suddenly,
not failing to miss a pore…
leaving me aching for more.

Pressing his lips against my lips
alike he did the rest of me,
–I’ve been smitten by his kiss…
the labor of love is his.–

I open my eyes at his command
and find myself still in his hands
and he in mine…a dream come true:

The angel smiling down on me is you.