Monthly Archives: January 2015

Hand In Hand

Hand in hand
we are walking down the street

No man’s land
is a mindset of defeat

No one sees us
and all I see is you

And it’s because
all of my dreams came true

They think you’ve lost it
talking to yourself

Fallen down a pit
of bad mental health

The grin upon your face
makes my heart soar

You are in a good place
I am offshore

Your love for me is concrete
in your head

You are walking down the street
I am dead

Treacherous Farewell

I’m overwhelmed with disgust
Put your tongue away
I’m underwhelmed by your lust
This whole friendship was a bust

ASL (A Secret Love)

Young lovers meet in silence
To fill their heart’s desire
In the quiet of the night
Mute passion they conspire

Quick hands and nimble fingers
Speak not of what is taboo
But coo like romance singers
In this closemouthed pas-de-deux

Old lovers meet in secret
To keep aflame the fire
And explore each other’s form
Of which they’ll never tire

For words were never spoken
To question why, when or who
May attempt to make public
A Secret Love shared by two

Splinter In My Knee

In the garden we play
Solely you and me
I remember the day
Ever so fondly
Especially the way
You showed empathy

You carried me away
A most noble deed
Unknowingly you may
Have planted a seed
To make my young heart sway
And ascertain need

With your mother’s ok
Spent the night sleeping
Overnight till next day
Nurtured the seedling
I wished time would delay
My poor heart’s bruising

Culture keeps love at bay
Oh so confusing
To the gods I do pray
Grant understanding
To my nation’s ill way
Of select loving

How much longer must I
Continually cry:
Unrequited love
always fits like a glove

Weekday Tankas

From the weekend’s rejection
And my debasement
From the come here, go away
Torturous game that you play

My suffocation
With your affiliation
Brings on resentment
With much mental disarray
A broken heart’s dossier

Your condescension
Becomes a revelation
Of my heart’s lament
And our ongoing ballet
Always leaves me in dismay

Pathetic mention
Of our association
An embarrassment
And I know not what to say
When you ask if all’s okay

Of every hopeful notion
And of what love meant
To the man of weekend prey
And my heart who’ll disobey

I Carry On Somehow

I woke again
Embracing my pillow
For a moment
My heart is free of torment

I sit again
Underneath this willow
For a moment
My heart is free of lament

Will this ever end
In finding solace?
Or will this just end
Leaving me soulless?

It’s all in the past
I know
But Hope holds on
It’s part of the cast
I know
But Fate molds on

I carry on
I carry on

Curse Cupid

We lie on the grass
Side by side and I’m breathless
We face each other
Cupid’s arrows fall pointless
Shooting blindly and senseless

I offer a smile
You laughingly brush it off
As you sit upright
Your finger offers a scoff
And leave me in this lone trough

I lie on the sod
Wishing I was under it
Curse Cupid’s efforts
And his growing lack of wit
To make me feel like a twit

Limbs And Lust

I close my eyes and I can see
With my fingers, all your beauty
Your slacken mouth patiently waits
And your fervor never abates

I trace your brow and strong jawline
Your lips quiver when met by mine
I hold your face between my hands
We surrender to Love’s demands

You take the lead and I follow
Pull me deeper from the shallow
My head’s below the water line
But with your kiss all is divine

We plunge and dive, explore the treats
Of what’s in store under the sheets
When skin on skin is not enough
Your kiss becomes a little rough

Still on our knees like beasts we prey
All through the night, till light of day
A tangled knot of limbs and lust
My soul to yours, I do entrust

Collar exposed, in for the kill
But then again, that is the thrill
Deplete my mind, body and soul
Of all rational self-control

Open my eyes to watch you sleep
Angelic sight, my heart doth leap
I rest my head upon your chest
And sleep to it’s nadir and crest

Zombie Of Love

I’ve been walking through life
With my heart on a leash
As if on parade

I’ve been dealing with love
Like a work of pastiche
As if on crusade

It’s been collecting thorns
And all sorts of debris
Nothing else will cling

It’s become numb to pain
And as surely you see
Nothing makes it sing

So the day you approach
Wondrous eyes and smile
And attempt to sooth

My fragile heart, it squeals,
Looks alive for a while
As if in it’s youth

So I untie the string
And we watch it ascend
Inches off the ground

Buoyed up by your charms
No self-will to expend
Bursts without a sound

Now I walk all alone
With dust clouds in my wake
From this dangling rope

I’m a zombie of love
Wandering earth in ache
For a seed of Hope

Never Let Me Go

Can you see, my love,
with your keen sight
the measure of my adoration?
Only you, my love,
with your brazen heart
can understand my elation.
Dare I pose, my love,
upon your tender limbs
the weight of my soul?
Yearn no more, my love,
upon tear stained pillows
for that unattainable goal.

Hold me in your arms, my love,
And never let me go, stretch your wings,
My love, take flight, and never let me go.
I am at your side, my
Love, the stars are within reach
Take me to heaven, show me the way.
Only you can guide me through, my love…
Never let me go!