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‘Tis a battle to the death

In this sword fight we engage

And I see you’re out of breath

As well as waning in rage

Sweat is stinging in your eyes

And glistening down your chest

You are running out of lies

Give in to your heart’s quest

You’re burning up with passion

I feel the heat through your skin

I’m making it my mission

To indulge in every sin

Now surrender to my touch

And I’ll pardon your fury

For you are truly nonesuch

A specimen of beauty

We seal the deal with a kiss

I feel your body shiver

As you give in to this bliss

I know it’s Cupid’s quiver

Terse Verse

Words, words, words,
they’ve weaken me time and again.
Written words
have failed to soothe away pain.
Spoken words
only manage to mentally drain.

Employ Hope

In our search for Love

We default to employ Hope

And hence neglect Faith

Second Wind

It’s not a race to see who can
Outrun, outpace the other man
Please take it slow, please take my hand
And you should know I understand

It’s not a sport where points are scored
So, my cohort discard your sword
Don’t want to fight with you all day
So I just might follow your sway

It’s not a game with rigid rules
But still we play like Royal Fools
So I wager and call your bluff
I’m no gauger of idle stuff

So when you tire, are out of breath
Do not retire, embrace not death
As I opined, my shining star
Our second wind is not too far

I Want To Feel…

I want to feel
your panting breath
upon my skin,
upon my neck

I want to feel
your hands explore,
with fearsome greed,
my every pore

I want to feel
your tender kiss
from head to toe,
a writhing bliss

I want to feel
your dominance
subdue my fears
subdue romance

I want to feel
your very soul
envelop mine
and take it’s toll

I want to feel
the piercing pain
just like before
now and again

I want to feel
the dripping sweat
of passion’s feat
of passions whet

I want to feel
your heart beating
as you lie next
to me sleeping

Better Than Nothing

Well, it’s been years since you have gone
Now you ask how I am doing
I confess I’m still holding on
To the Hope you left me clutching

Your change of heart came much too fast
Didn’t realize what happened
Now on your love-list I was last
Left me desolate and saddened

All alone with my memories
Trying to make sense of this maze
Turn my pain into poetry
Still your inducement is a haze

I let you go without questions
As if answers didn’t matter
A mistake of grand proportions
Left my heart sans pitter-patter

I have ceased all my suffering
Except this Hope that won’t recede
You say it’s better than nothing
But I can no longer concede

So now you’re back to play the saint
That’s a role you never mastered
And now your charms don’t make me faint
They only make me feel badgered

Take your leave and do not look back
I’ll no longer be here waiting
Sure, I’m a monomaniac
But it’s still better than nothing

Hold The Alcohol

I need a stiff one
To help me swallow my pride
No rocks, straight up please
So I can take it in stride
And show there’s nothing to hide

Give me a chaser
To soothe the burning inside
Stir in some Hope, please
That I may drown in Love’s tide
And wake to you by my side

On My Knees

There it goes again
That familiar pain
Got me on my knees
Got me, begging please

Say you love no more
That you’re out the door
But I know you lie
But I see you cry

Say it’s for the best
That it’s not a test
So you must move on
So you play the pawn

Treat this like a game
Putting me to shame
Taking all we bet
Taking no regret

Do not go away
Hold my hand and stay
See me on my knees
See me cry and plea

There you go again
Leaving me in pain
Will this never end
Will this be our trend

My Mind’s Demise

You have here,
testimony of my mind’s demise!

Within the vast silence of my chamber,
unobtrusively, I bring you…
the sacrifice of my sanity:

For the lengths that I would go to
are limitless,
to always gaze
upon your fair countenance
-without minimal doubt-
sheer contentment…
even if the tariff is my derangement!

The inner workings of my
bedside clock tick in tune,
keeping rhythm,
with the jubilant, exultant,
twittering crickets
outside my chamber window.

And the monotone song
of my faceless neighbors
-their distant, muffled conversations-
fail to harmonize
avec the soft humming background melody
of the vehicular traffic
down below on the street.

Frightened, startled,
perchance distressed hens
cackle hysterically on cue
after the impetuous thunder
of a cur’s odious growl,
defeating me con dismay
for I fail now to bring into focus
your countenance.

Lowly and reticent, I offer thee…
the oblation of my prudence,
within the vast silence of my chamber.

And here you have…
testimony of my mind’s demise!

You Made Me

You made me feel
So much deeper than anyone else
I felt emotions as deep as the oceans

You made me write
Things much greater than anyone else
I wrote and compiled great poems the likes of Wilde

You made me love
You much quicker than anyone else
I loved extremely quick it made you home-sick

You made me see
Things much clearer than anyone else
I saw the devious clear and obvious

You made me cry
Tears much longer than anyone else
I cried for so long I believed it a song

You made me hate
So much stronger than anyone else
I hated how you were strong after you’d gone