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With a sly grin
and an unblinking stare
he imparts a sudden hunger.
With a firm hand
upon my trembling knee
he conveys a secret desire.

I know the grin
and I know the stare,
I can feel the fear in my heart.
I know the touch
and burning desire,
but I will not be the quarry.

With a rogue grin
and a devil-may-care
tone, I express interest.
With a strong hand
upon his crotch, I squeeze
until he feels the fire.

I know the pain
is superficial,
but this is not an end-run.
I know the beast
and why he comes here,
but I’ll be his prey no longer.


Betrayer of my heart

Let the night keep you warm

Yesterday you ran free

Best to do no more harm

So turn around and leave

You are welcome no more

Can’t sow your treachery

An inch inside this door

Please Stay

Push comes to shove,
Loosing battle on both ends.
Easy way out
And you say we’ll still be friends.
Standing my ground
Even though our doom impends.

Swallow my pride,
There is much we need to say.
Yield your kiss for one more day.

Tanked Tanka

nature nurtures love

man manipulates all hope

seeking his true faith

kismet is the kiss of life

and life is the kiss if death


I fluttered about you
Like a butterfly,
Flitting to and fro
With the flick of a wrist
You brushed me away,
Like a common pest,

Years later you approached
And complimenting
I chanced and took the bait
Spread my wings for you
Gave my heart and soul

Now I flutter no more
And flitter far less
Begging for release
There’s a pin through my back
As now I’m encased,
A treasure of yours,

Faithless Heart

I should have known
Right from the start,
But I guess I did
Deep down.
. Denial’s a strong
. Morphine.

Our love had grown
So far apart,
It fell off the grid
Sans sound.
. Silence is the wrong
. Demean.

I don’t bemoan
Your faithless heart,
When my heart I hid
. Innocence’s a long
. Routine.

And now alone
Wisdom imparts,
Like a little kid’s
. Solitude’s a throng
. Unseen.


You thought that after all this time
A spark might catch and set afire
The passion I once felt for you

But as you sat across from me
The words you spoke sparked something dire
Within my heart and my soul too

You do not see yourself the fop,
The spark you think all eyes admire
For this truly you are the fool

And so you thought that with one drink
You’d spark me back into your mire
But love’s gone dark between us two

Thump, Thump, Thump

Thump, thump, thump.
What is this pounding inside my head,
Resonating a feeling of dread?
My heart has traveled through many pains,
But never quite has it felt this strain.

Thump, thump, thump.
Frantic fist rapping upon my door,
“Let me in and see you just once more.”
My mind travels from slumber to wake,
And panics when the pounding’s not fake.

Thump, thump, thump.
“I know you’re in there, just want to talk!”
If I let you in you’ll never stop.
You have traveled here with broken heart,
Hoping against hope for a new start.

Thump, thump, thump.
I know your pain, I’ve been there before.
That’s why I will not open the door.
My heart has traveled far to be free,
This selfish act you must forgive me.

Back Scrubber

by: OAPlascencia, WetBliss, Ax

Two feet,
deep in the water, stand.
A head full of suds,
but not a helping hand.
One cock,
soaking in the water.
Limp little twitches
wishing it was hotter.
A thought,
rising up with the steam,
a shadow appears,
out of thin air, a dream!

Four feet,
deep in the water, stand.
Two grins are exposed:
desire’s fires fanned.
Deux cocks,
swell, no hesitation.
Wash each other’s backs
sponging with flirtation.
Dual thoughts,
fill the tub to the brim,
as two scrub and tug,
a third boldly joins in!

Six feet,
deep in the water, stand.
Three hearts beat as one
sans fear of reprimand.
Trois cocks,
circle in formation.
Each to get a suck,
fingered penetration.
All thoughts,
lead to exhalation,
rise and fall, beguiled,
in ejaculation!

Two feet,
lone in the water, stand.
Back scrubber’s daydream
or experience firsthand?


When I am tethered to your bed
I find myself tethered to your heart
And my world is darkened in an instant

As you secure around my head
A cuir blind, like your soul ‘round my heart
Your loving, lulling words become distant

I find sanctity in your voice
And soon my senses start to quicken
I lie, awaiting the stinging pleasures

Of the pain induced at my choice
The scent of you grows and I’m stricken
With the spanking blows I so much treasure

The sound of your bare hand crashing
Mingled with my moans is a medley
The ties from which I struggle do not give

So I bare the tender lashings
Of your tongue upon my red fanny
Oh, to have this for as long as I live

Tethered, limb from limb before you,
Outstretched, face down, open and waiting
Your every fantasy is my command

And you feast on what I give you
Body, mind, soul are for the taking
The calm before the storm, I cannot stand

I find sanctity in your voice
And soon my senses start to quicken
As I lie here, not a bit resistant

When I am tethered to your bed
I find myself tethered to your heart
And my world is ablaze in an instant