Fallen Angel

Skin as soft as clouds
And eyes of cobalt blue
Thoughts you cannot shroud
Endear me more to you

Heart in fragile state
Still a smile on your face
Not an ounce of hate
For he who took your place

Onyx locks that flail
Carefree in salty breeze
Tender soul in ail
Will not repair with ease

I watch, guard and guide
But never interfere
Laws I must abide
I’m always standing near

Sand beneath your feet
Waves crashing on your toes
Dare I bare this feat
To solace all your woes

Hasten to the sky
And plea for my free will
Gladly fall, for I
Will not be called a shill

My request granted
Now on the beach I wake
Wings attached, but slanted
They’ll soon fall from heartache

For beneath the sea
You sleep in Neptune’s arms
And upon my knees
I suffer my first harm

Crying all alone
I sense that you are near
Gentle zephyr blown:
Your whisper in my ear

About Oscar Alejandro Plascencia

Writer of poetry, prose and short stories on an exploration in metrical writing focused on Love, Hope and Faith. View all posts by Oscar Alejandro Plascencia

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