Without hesitation you pounce

And I’m smitten, but need to pronounce,

I‘m not the man you think I am

To fall for your carnal flimflam.”


Whisper your need to be with me

And grope your way atop of me

I push you back and laugh it off

To save us shame, but still you scoff,


Why the hell do you lead me on?”

And I reply with the lexicon

Imposed on me by many like you

Too immature to see things through.


What is the rush to get undressed

And scurry past what’s in my chest?

In haste you’ll miss the tender part,

True love resides within the heart.”

About Oscar Alejandro Plascencia

Writer of poetry, prose and short stories on an exploration in metrical writing focused on Love, Hope and Faith. View all posts by Oscar Alejandro Plascencia

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