Our First Christmas

Please know that I have
no pretenses,
I have put aside
all defenses;
exposed my collar
in surrender,
and here I pen the
thoughts of my soul.

This our first Christmas,
I will cherish
and pray, in your mind,
does not perish
or turn sparse through the
eyes of your heart;
trust, our love, I will
ardently hone.

Please know that I’ve no
mal intentions,
until you…I was
in suspension
of belief and hopes
for a true love;
in your arms, full is
my heart and soul.

This our first Christmas,
I hold dearly
and hope, that my soul,
I have clearly
divulged sans
in each other,
our hearts have a home!

About Oscar Alejandro Plascencia

Writer of poetry, prose and short stories on an exploration in metrical writing focused on Love, Hope and Faith. View all posts by Oscar Alejandro Plascencia

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