Daily Archives: December 30, 2015

Au Naturel

Adventure to a place
of natural beauty.
Subtract all preconceived
notions that it’s dirty.

Just allow yourself to
follow me and you’ll find
a place that’s been hidden
in the core of your mind.

Slowly undress all of
your insecurities
and you’ll discover all
of life’s fair mysteries.

Disrobe your fears and take
a moment to enjoy
the sun, wind, rain and sea
like a seasoned envoy.

Uncover the pleasures
that a naturist knows.
Reveal your true self to
all your friends and your foes.

Born nude into this world
sans troubles and care-free.
Unclad the cumbersome
and start to live clothes-free.

Strip your mind of other’s
judgement or vile remarks.
Aboard au naturel,
let your bare life embark!