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Without hesitation you pounce

And I’m smitten, but need to pronounce,

I‘m not the man you think I am

To fall for your carnal flimflam.”


Whisper your need to be with me

And grope your way atop of me

I push you back and laugh it off

To save us shame, but still you scoff,


Why the hell do you lead me on?”

And I reply with the lexicon

Imposed on me by many like you

Too immature to see things through.


What is the rush to get undressed

And scurry past what’s in my chest?

In haste you’ll miss the tender part,

True love resides within the heart.”

Wings Of Gossamer

An agonizing
emptiness is turned to bliss
with thoughts of your kiss
fluttering upon my neck
and skipping down to my heart.

Nothing can deter
my heart trying to impart
it’s useless mouthpart
in attempting to collect
all the love that you offer.

Dreaming of your touch
and how I miss it much for
surely there’s nonsuch
to which I give my trust and
that sets my soul on fire.

Remembering your
scent and how you left me spent,
never malcontent
for the pleasures we both shared
I would live my life the spiv.

Ever the eager
to present nothing meager
nor slightly sweeter
than the nectar I collect,
I put aside my ego.

Wings of gossamer
take my dreams even higher
than I remember,
but it’s your kiss and your touch
that I’ll treasure forever.

Walt Whitman

Working and competing for the usual rewards,

A firmness grew in him to become a poet.

Leaves of Grass” a collection of his poetry:

Too sexually overt, profane, obscene, trashy!

Where many condemned the book, one man chose to praise.

He spoke highly of the work, stirring interest.

In the midst of the Civil War he volunteered

To nurse the wounded men who he truly revered:

Memoranda During the War” published twelve years post.

A debate often had alongside his poetry,

Never resolved, is the question of his sexuality.

Oscar Wilde

Obfuscation in plain sight

Starts to focus overnight,

Candid writings he did pen:

Aestheticism often

Ruling his works explicitly.

While his play was still on stage

In London ’twas all the rage,

Lost a battle in the courts

Degrading him with retorts

Earnest of gross indecency.

Alan Turing

Anomalous mind ahead of his time,

Lover of men and of mathematics.

A true war hero accused of a crime,

Never denied the chosen semantics.

Took chemical castration over jail.

Unable to cope, he bit the apple

Romanced so much in Snow White’s fairy tale,

Infused with cyanide, solved his grapple.

Now Turing machines are what we call computers,

Genius cryptanalyst has a world of suitors.

Togetherness In Love

“Togetherness In Love”
(Dedicated to my mother, Marcela Plascencia)

Tranquil waves of mother’s love
Often crash upon the shore
Gently washing every stone
Equally since days of yore.
Troubles come and troubles go,
Her love is the remedy
Encapsulating our hearts
Reassuring unity.
Now and then the tide is low
Evoking some resentment,
She’s not keeping love from us
Solely weights our contentment.

Insuring our happiness,
Not choosing her favorites.

Loving every stone the same,
Oneness permeates through me
Verging on the brink of tears,
Enraptured with my family.


Cease your pat resistance

  And open up your heart.

    Parley with me in faith,

      Insurgence is futile.

        Terminate your pent hate,

          Unmask yourself to me.

            Love will flow betwixt us,

              Accept it’s insistence.

                To yield is not to cede,

                  End my shameless besiege.


Betrayer of my heart

Let the night keep you warm

Yesterday you ran free

Best to do no more harm

So turn around and leave

You are welcome no more

Can’t sow your treachery

An inch inside this door

Please Stay

Push comes to shove,
Loosing battle on both ends.
Easy way out
And you say we’ll still be friends.
Standing my ground
Even though our doom impends.

Swallow my pride,
There is much we need to say.
Yield your kiss for one more day.

Heal My Friend

Here and now I ask of thee
Even though I’m not worthy

A friend of mine is in need
Love from you, the only deed

Mother Earth do heed my plea
You alone have mastery

Far away in bed is he
Run-down and weak and weary

In your belief and your creed
Encapsulated indeed

Now I pray your energy
Drowns out all his malady