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Twilight Silhouette (Silueta de Crepúsculo)

(You are so bad)
(We are one spirit)

As the sun begins to set
I see your heart much clearer.
With the darkness comes desire
and surrender of the soul.

Almas se reconocen
y se rinden al deseo.
En la ausencia del sol
puedo ver mejor tu corazón.

In this twilight silhouette
two bold hearts are drawn together
to burn in Passion’s pyre,
the night’s one and only toll.

En silueta de crepúsculo
dos corazónes se unen
ensendiendose en la pasión,
la unica tarifa de la noche.

(In Love anything is possible)
(We have no limits)

As the sun begins to rise
I fear it’s come much sooner,
shining bright upon the night
and our tangled, love-struck souls.

El sol de la mañana
anuncia su retorno,
iluminando a la noche
y nuestras almas enredadas.

No more twilight silhouette
depicting lonely strangers,
for our love lives in the light
and the merging of our souls.

No más silueta de crepúsculo
representando extraños solitarios,
nuestro amor vive en la luz
y en la fusión de nuestras almas.


Let us all pull together
for united we are strong.
Let this love live forever
even when we are long gone.

A cowardly hyena
lives for many, many years.
Why live in this arena
if you’re living in stark fear?

Man may be the head of home,
but the woman is the heart.
For without Love we’re all alone
and can quickly fall apart.

When angry elephants fight
it is the grass that suffers.
only Hope can set things right
when life offers no buffers.

Kenya means God’s resting place,
so heed the word, Harambee,
to ensure not a trace
of hate is spawned by you or me.

Let us all pull together,
our diversity’s our strength.
As love is our endeavor,
and our legacy at length.