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Catch the Scent of Fear

Racing past the wind,
I’m hunting down the prey.
Catch the scent of fear,
but much to my dismay.
The conscious-less beast,
I claim myself to be,
is caught in your sly
claws of intimacy.

Hunter turns to fox
due to sheer carelessness.
And fox turns to wolf,
but his rage he’ll suppress.
Underneath your hex,
I’m paralyzed with fear.
Grasping reality:
My soul, you endear.

Gnawing at my paw
for free I need to be.
From the pain I feel
when you’re not next to me.
Racing past the wind,
I’m hunting down the prey.
Catch the scent of fear
so I stop to survey:

I hear your pounding heart.
Almost sedated,
your look tears me apart.
collect my inane pride
I am defeated.
Commence the dreaded stride.

Masquerade Of Pleasure

Welcome to my kingdom

Where all is fair and game

Nothing is forbidden

Lest it threatens my reign

In this masquerade of

Pleasure and lechery

Surrender to the night

In anonymity

So peel away your fears

One layer at a time

Hope will not help you now

Lo, prisoner of mine

Ignore the ogling crowd

Just look into my eyes

Shiver not, remain stiff

And focus on the prize

Do not forget your place

You are a mere plaything

A puppet to control,

A ritual offering

Not bad for a Servant

I see you know your way

But I am Royalty

And you’ll do as I say

Careful now, not too rough

Guards are at the ready

They’ll gladly take your head

If you become heady

Now prove yourself worthy

And please this hungry crowd

Thrust yourself inside me

And please do make me proud

What’s this, conniving fool

How dare you conspire

To fill me with your seed

And still hope to retire

Now your soul should be mine

Instead your life I’ll spare

Revenge will come in time

Till then, my pet, beware