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Sonnet To Self

The look upon your face is priceless
You were so sure I would never learn
Of your deceit, thinking me mindless
Now it’s I who make the tables turn

Your eyes grow small to pose the question
But my brows raise to silence your tongue
How did I learn of your transgression
The looking glass tells of love unsung

Your confidence is overweening
I pity your new love’s arrogance
Not far’s the day when you come screaming,
Into this mirror, your petulance

So heed this warning, cut your losses
Keep that faithless heart in your fauces

On My Knees

There it goes again
That familiar pain
Got me on my knees
Got me, begging please

Say you love no more
That you’re out the door
But I know you lie
But I see you cry

Say it’s for the best
That it’s not a test
So you must move on
So you play the pawn

Treat this like a game
Putting me to shame
Taking all we bet
Taking no regret

Do not go away
Hold my hand and stay
See me on my knees
See me cry and plea

There you go again
Leaving me in pain
Will this never end
Will this be our trend

Hand In Hand

Hand in hand
we are walking down the street

No man’s land
is a mindset of defeat

No one sees us
and all I see is you

And it’s because
all of my dreams came true

They think you’ve lost it
talking to yourself

Fallen down a pit
of bad mental health

The grin upon your face
makes my heart soar

You are in a good place
I am offshore

Your love for me is concrete
in your head

You are walking down the street
I am dead

Treacherous Farewell

I’m overwhelmed with disgust
Put your tongue away
I’m underwhelmed by your lust
This whole friendship was a bust