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a single leaf floats

on the lake’s mirror surface

reflecting Autumn


He’s a shape-shifter.

Comes about in many forms

to cognize our hearts,

then flies up to the heavens

crying his harsh, raucous call.


like the Sakura

extreme beauty and quick death

our lives are finite

Tanked Tanka

nature nurtures love

man manipulates all hope

seeking his true faith

kismet is the kiss of life

and life is the kiss if death


In the recess of

your mind, search well and you’ll find

a speck of self-love.

Broken Hearts Club

In our all-boys Club,

Broken Hearts we exhibit

like first prize medals.

The Hanging Garden


His childhood-past hangs,

a reminder of daily

kindred dysfunction.



This world thinks us Bent,

openly discriminates;

brands pink triangles.

Employ Hope

In our search for Love

We default to employ Hope

And hence neglect Faith

Blooms of Love

Nature or nurture?

This branch bares no fruit with seeds

Only blooms of Love.