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I Want To Feel…

I want to feel
your panting breath
upon my skin,
upon my neck

I want to feel
your hands explore,
with fearsome greed,
my every pore

I want to feel
your tender kiss
from head to toe,
a writhing bliss

I want to feel
your dominance
subdue my fears
subdue romance

I want to feel
your very soul
envelop mine
and take it’s toll

I want to feel
the piercing pain
just like before
now and again

I want to feel
the dripping sweat
of passion’s feat
of passions whet

I want to feel
your heart beating
as you lie next
to me sleeping

I Want To…

I want to hold you,
Rock you gently in my arms
As I lay with you
Pleasures inundate in swarms
And our hearts are safe from harms

I want to kiss you,
Softly, gently without haste
As I savor you
I relish your unique taste
And our bodies are not chaste

I want to touch you,
Feel your every inch of skin
As I explore you
Earth and Moon shall cease to spin
And our souls will know no sin

I want to love you,
Like no one has done before
As I beseech you
Fate is racing out the door
And my hope is just no more