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Out of Character

Hold me in your arms,
trick me with your charms
as he looks in on us.
With this song and dance,
you lure me with the chance
to merge victorious.
So I call your bluff.
He has had enough
and walks away jealous.

My character belies me,
you know this is not my dance,
for every step I take
I wriggle within your trance.
My character denies me
the sly, carefree ways of youth,
but I find the steps I take
are the stalwart steps of truth.

This game endures,
your character procures
control of my defenses.
Every word you say
is flatter gone astray,
within the walls of my senses.
So I let you lead this waltz
and cease to assign all faults
for there’s no need of pretenses.

My character belies me,
for I long to feel your breath,
mild and moist upon my neck,
warm and wet upon my breast.
My character denies me
the submissive ways within,
but your sensual song and dance
makes my dominance give in.

How I Detest Your Scarlet Print

And there you pose
framed before mine eyes.
Your crimson lips
induce a trance.

Your cerise hue,
I scrutinize.
For this photo
was not of chance.

Ire, wrath, rage…
a bleeding heart?
This on your face
I read.

your vile horns
are showing now!
And these
you cannot hide.

in lamb’s dress;
How I detest
your carmine

I guess it’s best
you hang this way…
upon his wall,
at a distance…

A memory
to those who may
forget your putrid