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Kalamos And Karpos

Kalamos and Karpos:
Two young lovers who chose
to swim
With an ending quite grim
Or a romantic whim
so dark
That history would mark
Their love story too stark
to tell
Without a myth to quell
All that did not go well
for they
Took part in a foray
On a lovely Spring day
so warm
That they would find no harm
To brave the water’s charm
in depth
But failed to gauge the breadth
So Karpos lost his breath
and drowned
Kalamos’ heart frowned
For it could not expound
more woe
And so he chose to go
Under where he could show
his love
But the powers above
Found he fit like a glove,
Turned him into a reed
Where a sigh of concede
is heard

Sergius And Bacchus

Two Roman soldiers killed
in 303 AD,
openly gay lovers
rumored to possibly
have a closeted faith
in Christianity.

They were both arrested
when they refused to attend
sacrifices to Zeus,
a crime they could not amend;
were paraded in Drag
through the streets to no end.

Since the two did not fear,
nor felt the need to hide,
they chanted to the crowds,
that they dressed as Christ’s brides,
but their captors found this
response sordidly snide.

Separated the two,
sans mercy beat Bacchus
who died and that same night
appeared to Sergius
urging him not to give up,
“For Heaven awaits us…”

“Reunited we’ll be,
together forever!”
And only days later
Sergius’ head was severed,
realizing their love
and earthly endeavor.