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The Mirror

With a thundering land
upon the table,

the mirror is able

to foreshadow
it’s powerful play

in the hands of man

Across the courtroom
she parades

to the witness stand
and surveys,

“Do you see an obvious

Affirmatively negative,
I see!”

“May I borrow your mirror?”
he asks.

Then hurries off to his rebutting task;

Have you now scars
as you did months ago?”

“Affirmatively here,
on my torso!”

The magic mirror,
or so believed,

had lost it’s luster
when retrieved.

Still in the whole (of prejudice)
there’ll be

only the reflection
of what one wishes to see.

Broken Hearts Club

In our all-boys Club,

Broken Hearts we exhibit

like first prize medals.

The Hanging Garden


His childhood-past hangs,

a reminder of daily

kindred dysfunction.



This world thinks us Bent,

openly discriminates;

brands pink triangles.

Hand In Hand

Hand in hand
we are walking down the street

No man’s land
is a mindset of defeat

No one sees us
and all I see is you

And it’s because
all of my dreams came true

They think you’ve lost it
talking to yourself

Fallen down a pit
of bad mental health

The grin upon your face
makes my heart soar

You are in a good place
I am offshore

Your love for me is concrete
in your head

You are walking down the street
I am dead

His Deathless Love

“A useless shell I prefer,”
he said,

“If life from death I defer

“A useless shell I prefer
for the war
is not my cause.
And production
not a clause
in my obtaining
of these prisoners.”

“When midnight strikes
you’ll be free,”
he cried,
“Five minutes later
I’ll flee,”
he tried
to explain:

The end is near,
his turn from hunter to prey,
and his deathless love
for these prisoners.

His deathless love for the prisoners.