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Passion Through Poetry

One post at a time
She’s moving towards the light
With just a few lines
And a photo she might
Provoke your hidden thoughts and
Your heart’s acuity
Her words are a timid hand
Reaching for Passion Through Poetry

She’ll share with you
The daily prompts and their effect
Upon her mind without ado
Without restrain without edits
In this you will surely find
Words that flow upon the page
From a devoted mind
To seek the light and not the rage

Join her on this passage
On a blog from down-under
That sends the strong message
To fight falling asunder
By embracing the love and
Moving towards the light freely
Come let your eyes land
On her Passion Through Poetry

Blooms of Love

Nature or nurture?

This branch bares no fruit with seeds

Only blooms of Love.

Butterfly Haiku

( I )

Bold strokes of color

Rendering nature’s beauty

In a butterfly

( II )

Primary colors

Paint primordial beauty

With a primal love