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The Urge

The urge,
the need…
is always there,
calling like a lover spurned.

Fragments flicker to life
then fade away,
before they can prosper,
like the spark of a matchstick
too humid to light.

fold unto themselves
from the weight
of expectation.

Then the moment passes,
the muse…
is gone,
like the foggy memories
of a dream
lost in the space and time
between slumber
and consciousness.

Still the urge,
the need…
is always there,
calling like a lover spurned.

Naked In Your Mercy


I am guilty
of every crime
I ever charged you with.

I am guilty,

of every written word
that ever stole your blithe.

Come here strip me.

Strip me
’till I’m naked in your mercy.
Please find it in your heart
to reprimand.

Lay me
on a bed of wild, wan-white roses…
crumple me down ’till their thorns
I cannot stand.

Take the blood sopping petals
from beneath me
and smother these across
my quivering

Lay your unveiled body
now atop me
and writhe with me
to the rhythm of my pain.

Curse the very life
dwelling in me…
every last drop of faith.

Help me believe.

Avenge every ode
I dared conceive,
while my collar is exposed.

Like a buck under the fury
of a lioness,
you know very well
how hopeless am I
of escape!

Taste the very fear
that overwhelms me.
Deplete every ounce
of my bleeding soul…

For only you can,
this guilt, I confess.
For only you can,
this shame, generate.

And only you can,
this pain, nullify.
Only you can,
this heart, conciliate!

Naked in your mercy,
I am!

Drenched in the passion
of your chastise.

by your forgiving soul,
I muse in the blaring sound
of our throbbing hearts.

of all crimes, are we.
of none,
save rapture!