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Six Feet Four

Everything happens
For a reason, reads his tag line
When the world darkens
The lesson to be learned is thine
So cease the moment
And come for a while to Lahore
Nothing to lament
Through eyes of a guy, Six Feet Four

He’ll share with you all
His hopes and dreams without restrain
And his one great stall
In heterosexuality’s chains
But now free of these
His greatest challenge up ahead
Is to walk with ease
And grace to his true self instead

Still the questions of
Faith in a Muslim world persist
When you seek out love
And Islam tells you to desist
Just follow your heart
And seek out all that you adore
That’s the greatest part
Of being a man, Six Feet Four

Life On The Tripwire

Recalling the past
In an eloquent way you’ll see
Is not quite the blast
As when employing comedy
We must laugh at life
Yes, even at times so dire
So forget your strife
Come and live Life On The Tripwire

He shares his stories
From a most unique point of view
And pens them with ease:
None are fiction, well just a few
When waiting for life
to happen is not an option!
You might find your wife
Is an OCD man; hero in action!

You’ll read tales of fears
And anecdotes of coming out
He will narrate jeers
Of what never quite panned out
But in all you read
I’m certain you’ll never tire
To see how he’ll heed
Living his Life On The Tripwire


Seven decades worth
Of trials and tribulations
On this spinning earth
Culminate into the musings
Of a gay man’s trip
And weary search to inhabit
Love’s elusive ship
With words almost too XQUIZIT

His hand painted work
Is a visual compliment
And you’ll find his quirk
Is prose for true love’s sentiment
At time’s he’ll simply
Reminisce a love that was not
Then he’ll write deeply
Of a time the world sadly forgot

Come and take a look
And follow him on this journey
Blogging in his nook
From sorrow to serenity
Exposing his heart
Semantics are a gambit
You’ll see from the start
What he has to share is XQUIZIT

Passion Through Poetry

One post at a time
She’s moving towards the light
With just a few lines
And a photo she might
Provoke your hidden thoughts and
Your heart’s acuity
Her words are a timid hand
Reaching for Passion Through Poetry

She’ll share with you
The daily prompts and their effect
Upon her mind without ado
Without restrain without edits
In this you will surely find
Words that flow upon the page
From a devoted mind
To seek the light and not the rage

Join her on this passage
On a blog from down-under
That sends the strong message
To fight falling asunder
By embracing the love and
Moving towards the light freely
Come let your eyes land
On her Passion Through Poetry