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Let Me Go

Let me go

Once and for all

I am no longer

At your beck and call

Cry wolf

All you might

I’d rather suffer

Sleep terrors at night

Than run to your heart

And find an empty space

A gaping hole

In it’s once warm place

Let me go

Once and for all

Even at the risk

That I might fall

Deep in a sleep

Where I have to fight

The groping hands

Until morning light

That taunt and tease

Always without a face

Without hope

Of a saving grace

Let me go

Once and for all

What you call love

Is much too small

To keep you warm

To spark the light

To light the way

To make things right

So leave me be

That I may someday replace

The cold hands clutching

With love’s warm embrace

Close Your Eyes

Give in to me

Emancipate your trepidation

Close your eye lids

Envision someone you desire

Let your lips lax

And interlock with mine

Now don’t fight it

The rush you feel is appetency


Give in to this

Passion surging betwixt us

Just close your eyes

Forget the fiend before you

Let your limbs lax

Lean in to my embrace

Stop fighting it

Your hunger will not dissipate


Give in to us

Surrender to your dark impulse

Open your eyes

See past my countenance

Let your heart lax

So love may penetrate

Give up the fight

Deny yourself no more