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Au Naturel

Adventure to a place
of natural beauty.
Subtract all preconceived
notions that it’s dirty.

Just allow yourself to
follow me and you’ll find
a place that’s been hidden
in the core of your mind.

Slowly undress all of
your insecurities
and you’ll discover all
of life’s fair mysteries.

Disrobe your fears and take
a moment to enjoy
the sun, wind, rain and sea
like a seasoned envoy.

Uncover the pleasures
that a naturist knows.
Reveal your true self to
all your friends and your foes.

Born nude into this world
sans troubles and care-free.
Unclad the cumbersome
and start to live clothes-free.

Strip your mind of other’s
judgement or vile remarks.
Aboard au naturel,
let your bare life embark!

Hidden & Forgotten

I once brought joy to a boy
Who never tired of using me,
He often guffawed
While we played endlessly.

And as we grew older
I’d adjust to his liking
Never knowing one day
He’d abandon all biking.

Said he wouldn’t be long,
Just a quick dip he’d take,
Down the stairs and around
To the nearby lake.

So as always I waited
For my master to return,
But years now have passed
And it’s his touch I yearn.

Now chained to this fence,
Unloved, rusty and rotten,
I live out my days
Hidden and forgotten.

Our First Christmas

Please know that I have
no pretenses,
I have put aside
all defenses;
exposed my collar
in surrender,
and here I pen the
thoughts of my soul.

This our first Christmas,
I will cherish
and pray, in your mind,
does not perish
or turn sparse through the
eyes of your heart;
trust, our love, I will
ardently hone.

Please know that I’ve no
mal intentions,
until you…I was
in suspension
of belief and hopes
for a true love;
in your arms, full is
my heart and soul.

This our first Christmas,
I hold dearly
and hope, that my soul,
I have clearly
divulged sans
in each other,
our hearts have a home!


Without hesitation you pounce

And I’m smitten, but need to pronounce,

I‘m not the man you think I am

To fall for your carnal flimflam.”


Whisper your need to be with me

And grope your way atop of me

I push you back and laugh it off

To save us shame, but still you scoff,


Why the hell do you lead me on?”

And I reply with the lexicon

Imposed on me by many like you

Too immature to see things through.


What is the rush to get undressed

And scurry past what’s in my chest?

In haste you’ll miss the tender part,

True love resides within the heart.”

Forgive My Weakness

Forgive my weakness
I let you go
I saw you struggling
And did not know
How much you needed
The time and space
To get used to
My warm embrace

Forgive my weakness
I can’t let go
My heart is struggling
And needs to know
If you ever needed
My time and space
If you got used to
Love’s warm embrace

Forgive my weakness
I need to go
Now I am struggling
Don’t want to know
How much he needed
Your time and space
How you grew used to
His warm embrace

Blinded by Hope

You’d think
I’d know better by now,
but I’m blinded.
You’d think
I’d know better by now.
Blinded by hope,
ain’t that a joke?
Blinded by hope!

Where is
the respect that I’ve earned?
And where
is the love I deserve?
Where is the love I deserve?

I thought
I was happy somehow
living alone,
closing the door,
pulling the shades.
Made me darker inside;
living alone.
Leave me alone!

Where is
the respect that I’ve earned?
And where
is the love I deserve?
Where is the love I deserve?

Used to dream
you back in my arms.
Broken dreams
and tired arms.
Used to drive
miles just to see you.
What a stupid fool.
Blinded by hope.

Or was it
by love?
Was it by love?

Fallen Angel

Skin as soft as clouds
And eyes of cobalt blue
Thoughts you cannot shroud
Endear me more to you

Heart in fragile state
Still a smile on your face
Not an ounce of hate
For he who took your place

Onyx locks that flail
Carefree in salty breeze
Tender soul in ail
Will not repair with ease

I watch, guard and guide
But never interfere
Laws I must abide
I’m always standing near

Sand beneath your feet
Waves crashing on your toes
Dare I bare this feat
To solace all your woes

Hasten to the sky
And plea for my free will
Gladly fall, for I
Will not be called a shill

My request granted
Now on the beach I wake
Wings attached, but slanted
They’ll soon fall from heartache

For beneath the sea
You sleep in Neptune’s arms
And upon my knees
I suffer my first harm

Crying all alone
I sense that you are near
Gentle zephyr blown:
Your whisper in my ear

Making Love Against The Wall

Power’s out again,
Sultry heat’s unbearable.
Amber hues of dusk
Penetrate the cobalt blues,
Making love against the wall.

Energy renewed,
Hold your wrist behind your back.
Buck, but I can feel
Your violet desire,
Making love against the wall.

Surging in from me to you.
Iridescent lust
Quenching the most primal needs,
Making love against the wall.

It’s about control
And about surrendering.
Let the colors blend
As our bodies merge fiercely,
Making love against the wall.


Sift and sift,

day after day;


is never found.


Empty handed,

save dismay;


grows abound.


Tall tales


and the heart

wants to believe.


But integrity

swoops right in

to protect us

from deceit.

Kalamos And Karpos

Kalamos and Karpos:
Two young lovers who chose
to swim
With an ending quite grim
Or a romantic whim
so dark
That history would mark
Their love story too stark
to tell
Without a myth to quell
All that did not go well
for they
Took part in a foray
On a lovely Spring day
so warm
That they would find no harm
To brave the water’s charm
in depth
But failed to gauge the breadth
So Karpos lost his breath
and drowned
Kalamos’ heart frowned
For it could not expound
more woe
And so he chose to go
Under where he could show
his love
But the powers above
Found he fit like a glove,
Turned him into a reed
Where a sigh of concede
is heard